About Us

About Us Invigorating Services LLC

Invigorating Services offers a wide variety of services to the people in our community who need it most, by providing Supported Community Living Services to individuals in our communities and Non-Emergency Transportation. We at Invigorating Services believe that everyone has the ability to live a long healthy life in their own home and have the required transportation to come and go. We will strive to follow our beliefs ensuring that you are safe and in great care. We will carry on our efforts to grow the quality of life to all those that we serve.

Invigorating Services began when a mother believed she wanted to see a change in services for her autistic son and her community at large. by following our core values of respecting others, while having a passion to help those in need by being innovative and improving the quality of life daily while keeping our integrity in tack to be honest, ethical and fair, and providing quality care.